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Supported Living & Social Support Services

Since 2010 Mochridhe has delivered high-quality support services across Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Call the Glasgow branch on 0141 427 6067 or call the Edinburgh branch on 0131 516 8334 to discuss your care requirements.

Supported Living

Providing clients with 24-hour support either in their own home or a dedicated living facility

Social Support

Support to participate in community, work, education and companionship

Children's Services

Support with children and families giving support and respite

Our Team

Mochridhe deliver person-centred, outcome-focused support to individuals with a range of care and support needs.

All of our staff receive training to ensure they can deliver person-centred outcome-focused support to the individuals we support.

Our training ensures they understand the need of each service user and know how to meet these needs. Staff complete induction training before beginning work and receive regular training and refreshers.

Our staff are employed on a permanent basis, unless they request a variable contract. All of our care staff require two positive references, one of which must be the last employer and the second a work-related contact preferably. A third reference can be offered as a character reference.

Our Recruitment process is aimed at finding staff with good ethics and values who then can be matched to the people we support.

We support our staff with weekly team meetings, bi-annual supervision and one-to-one annual appraisals. All new staff have a one-week induction, four days of which are direct ‘class based’ theory and practical demonstrations, followed by on-the-job shadowing with an experienced member of staff.

All staff carry ID badges and are fully-insured. We are fortunate to have our own in-house training suite where all staff are trained to the highest possible standard and continually look to ensure our standards exceed the norm. We closely monitor performance, along with talking to people we support. This feeds into a Personal Plan for each person we support.

Would you like to join the Mochridhe care team? View our latest vacancies here.

Our Services

Established with the delivery of high-quality care at its core, Mochridhe offers a range of services, caring for adults and children. We work closely with the individual and their families to understand what matters to them and what they want to achieve. We will then design a care and support plan which reflects this.

We ensure that the people we support are central and are empowered to make decisions related to their support. We support people to live as independently as possible, promoting the use of technology, where appropriate. We understand the importance of being part of your community and work with people to ensure they remain involved in the community they live in.


  • Bathing & Showering
  • Support with medication
  • Continence Care
  • Meal preparation
  • Moving & Handling


  • Cleaning/Laundry
  • Support to shop, pay bills
  • Financial support


  • Palliative Care
  • Hospital Discharge
  • Dementia
  • Telecare
  • Autism
  • Epilepsy
  • Diabetes
  • Forensic
  • Mental Health
  • Learning Disability
  • Eating Disorder
  • Respite support for families


School, College and University Support

Employment support

Holiday support

Indoor & outdoor activities

Community activities

Promote exercise & Healthy living


Mochridhe’s services can be accessed in several ways:

• Your needs have been assessed by the Local Authority or Health and you’re referred to us

• You have Self-Directed Support Funding and wish to purchase support

• You wish to make a private arrangement with ourselves directly.


Mochridhe EdinburghMochridhe Glasgow
Supported Living & Housing Support Services:

This service has a split Housing Support and Care at Home Registration, in order for the service to support children. We provide 24-hour support packages to people living in their own homes. Each person we support has a care team individual to them. We aim to provide service users with a comprehensive service of the highest quality. We strive to offer a flexible, efficient, and professional service that is personalised to meet each person’s individual needs. We will respect each service user and remain sensitive to their individual needs and abilities and strive to promote control, choice and flexibility.

We also provide Social Support Services allowing people to engage in community activities and achieve their set outcomes.

Staff use their positive values to assist people identifying and reaching their outcomes.

Supported Living & Social Support Services:

Mochridhe Homecare & Housing Support is a service for adults and children under 16 years that aims to provide: ‘a service which will allow the person to take full control of their support. We offer an independent living package tailored to the person’s individual needs. Our person-centred support team will work in partnership with the person we support to ensure that at all times they receive a high-quality service that allows them to have an inclusive lifestyle.

Latest News

We grade each service by Quality Theme which for most services are:

  • Quality of care and support: how the service meets the needs of each individual in our care
  • Quality of environment:  the condition and suitability of the living environment
  • Quality of staffing: the quality of care staff, including their qualifications and training
  • Quality of management and leadership: how the service is managed and how it is develops to meet the needs of the people being cares for
  • Quality of information: how information and records are kept safe